Author: Orchard and Nation
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date Published: 2018
Pages: 317 of 483
Cover Type: Hard Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2026

1:What is histopathology?, Dr Guy Orchard, Mr David Muskett, Dr Anne Warren
2:Fixation and specimen handling, Mr David Muskett
3:Data recording and histopathology dissection, Ms Vanda McTaggart, Dr Sue Pritchard, Dr Anne Warren
4:Routine staining, processing and embedding, Mr David Muskett
5:Special stains, Mr David Muskett and Dr Guy Orchard
6:Artefacts, Dr Guy Orchard , Mrs Chantell Hodgson, Mr Brian Nation
7:Mohs procedures, Dr Guy Orchard and Mr Mohammad Shams
8:Immunocytochemical techniques, Dr Merdol Ibrahim and Dr Guy Orchard
9:Analytical immunocytochemistry, Mr David Muskett, Dr Guy Orchard, Dr Anne Warren
10:In situ hybridization: concepts and applications, Dr Tony Warford and Dr Emanuela Volpi
11:Molecular diagnostics: techniques and applications, Mr Brendan O'Sullivan and Dr Phillipe Taniere
12:Molecular diagnostics in action, Dr Phillipe Taniere
13:Histopathology reporting, Dr Guy Orchard and Dr Sue Pritchard
14:Microscopy and digital pathology, Dr Guy Orchard
15:Electron microscopy in diagnosis, Prof David Furness
16:Mortuary practice, Ms Ishbel Gall and Dr Mike Osborne
17:Essentials of laboratory management, Ms Sue Alexandra and Ms Patricia Fernando

Each section meets the Florida 1-hour specialty requirement in histology.

For those certified by ASCP, each section provides 10 contact hours in histology.

Histopathology describes the processes and practices that are central to the role of the histopathology biomedical scientist. It demonstrates throughout how an understanding of cell and tissue physiology is vital to the successful identification of clinical conditions.


  • New chapters include coverage of artifacts and Mohs procedures
  • Coverage of pre-analytical procedures has been expanded.
  • More case studies have been incorporated into the text.
  • Full-color layout throughout.
  • Further video techniques have been added to the publisher’s website with cross-references from relevant points in the text.


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