Prevention of Medical Errors 2023

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Date Published: 2023
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- "This was well-presented and reiterated the importance of decreasing medical errors in Blood Transfusion services."

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Reading Assignment


  • Discuss how hospital administrators at all levels set the tone for transfusion safety.
  • List functions of the hospital transfusion committee that help ensure patient transfusion safety.

Pages 290-310

Scope of Hospital Transfusion Practice

  • Discuss how the hospital transfusion medicine service contributes to patient transfusion safety.

Lessons from Hemovigilance Programs

  • List frequent causes of errors leading to mistransfusion.
  • List factors that may be responsible for undertransfusion.
  • Discuss potential adverse outcomes associated with poor management of blood stocks.
  • Identify what is increasingly recognized as the most frequent serious adverse event caused by overtransfusion.

Hospital Transfusion Committees (HTC)

  • Discuss which personnel should be included in hospital transfusion committee membership.

Patient Roles and Informed Consent

  • Describe the process for informed consent for a blood transfusion to ensure patient understanding.  

Administration of Blood and Blood Components and Management of the Transfused Patient

  • Discuss adverse effects of transfusion prescription errors.
  • Identify which transfusion records should be kept as permanent clinical records. 

Technologies to Reduce Patient Misidentification Errors in Administering Blood


  • List the information included in a pretransfusion identity check between the patient and a blood component.

Guidelines, Algorithms and Protocols

  • Identify examples of guideline recommendations embedded into the materials used during decision-making and administration processes to help improve compliance with a hospital's transfusion practice policies.

Clinical Audit and Feedback

  • Discuss factors that influence the effectiveness of audits and feedback.
  • List the disadvantages of using retrospective transfusion audits as a strategy to improve clinical practice.
  • List the forms that audits, performed concurrently with blood component ordering but before product issue, can take.


Public and Political Perceptions and Fear of Litigation 

  • State the measures implemented in the United Kingdom in the late 1990s in response to concerns about the potential for transfusion-transmitted variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (vCJD).

Local Investigation and Feedback Following Near Misses and Serious Adverse Events

  • Define “near miss” as related to transfusion medicine.
  • Identify typical weaknesses often identified through systematic root cause analyses of “near misses” or serious adverse events.
  • Discuss appropriate corrective actions for “near miss” or serious adverse events.

Centralization of Transfusion Services

  • Identify the most important patient safety benefit of a centralized transfusion service.


This course has been approved by the Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel. It satisfies the requirement that licensees earn two contact hours in prevention of medical errors each renewal cycle.

Practical Transfusion Medicine, Sixth Edition

The pace of change in transfusion medicine is relentless, with new scientific and technological developments and continuing efforts to improve transfusion practice. This sixth edition of Practical Transfusion Medicine has been updated significantly to reflect the rapid changes in transfusion medicine since the fifth edition was published in 2017. The primary purpose of this edition remains the same as the first: to provide a comprehensive guide to transfusion medicine. This book contains more depth of information than standard handbooks on transfusion medicine, whilst being more concise and approachable than a standard reference text.

“Blood Transfusion in Hospitals,” Chapter 25 of Practical Transfusion Medicine Sixth Edition, pages 290-310 Book edited by Michael F. Murphy, MD, FRCP, FRCPath, FFPath, et al. Published by Wiley Blackwell in 2022 

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