Clinical Immunology and Serology: A Laboratory Perspective Fifth Edition

Author: Miller, PhD, I, MBCM (ASCP)SI, et al
Publisher: F.A. Davis Company
Date Published: 2021
Pages: 648
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2025

I. Nature of the Immune System
1. Introduction to Immunity and the Immune System
2. Innate Immunity
3. Nature of Antigens and the Major Histocompatibility Complex
4. Adaptive Immunity
5. Antibody Structure and Function
6. Cytokines
7. The Complement System
II. Basic Immunological Procedures
8. Safety and Quality Management
9. Principles of Serological Testing
10. Precipitation and Agglutination Reactions
11. Labeled Immunoassays
12. Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
13. Flow Cytometry and Laboratory Automation
III. Immune Disorders
14. Hypersensitivity
15. Autoimmunity
16. Transplantation Immunology
17. Tumor Immunology
18. Immunoproliferative Diseases
19. Immunodeficiency Diseases
IV. Serological and Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Disease
20. Serological and Molecular Detection of Bacterial Infections
21. Spirochete Diseases
22. Serological and Molecular Diagnosis of Parasitic and Fungal Infections
23. Serology and Molecular Detection of Viral Infections
24. Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection
25. Immunization and Vaccines
Answer Key

Each section meets the Florida 1-hour specialty requirement in serology/immunology. For those certified by ASCP, each section provides 12 contact hours in serology/immunology

Clinical Immunology and Serology: A Laboratory Perspective will serve as a valuable reference for practicing laboratorians about new developments in the field of immunology.

What’s New?

  • All chapters in Sections II, III, and IV (3/4 of the text) have been updated to include new information about laboratory testing and treatments for immunologic diseases.
  • Chapters on “Labeled Immunoassays” and “Molecular Diagnostic Techniques” have been revised to include principles for newer technologies.
  • Additional autoimmune diseases have been added to “Autoimmunity.”
  • “Immunoproliferative Diseases” has been revised to include updated information on the immunophenotype and cytogenetic abnormalities associated with hematologic malignancies.
  • New information on testing for Lyme disease and leptospirosis has been added to “Spirochete Diseases.”