Inpatient Psychiatric Nursing:Clinical Strategies,Medical Considerations,and Practical Interventions

Author: Judy L. Sheehan, MSN, RN-BC, et al.
Publisher: Springer Publishing Co.
Date Published: 2022
Pages: 420
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2025

Pilot Nurse Comments

  • ‚Äč"This was a great course. Very informative, and I learned a lot. As an "elderly nurse," it was refreshing."
  • "This was a great refresher and introduction to newer treatment options and best practices."
  • "This course is outstanding for nurses who are relatively new to inpatient psychiatric nursing. The brief case studies do an excellent job of putting context to care. The course is very good, also for nurses who currently work in inpatient psychiatry. An excellent review as well as reinforcement of nursing practices." 
  • "It was easy to read and well-organized into sections that flowed well together. Although the material is targeted at inpatient psychiatric nurses, many medical disciplines can use the information."
  • "I found the text/course to be informative, easy to read and understand. I have limited knowledge of inpatient psychiatric nursing, and after completing this course, I have a better understanding." 
  • "I learned to recognize the symptoms of a disorganized patient. The text offered ways to anticipate future aggressive behaviors. Several appropriate nursing responses were suggested for various situations, and I found that helpful. The course also addressed the legitimacy of pain on the units with our patients. The text was well-written. Many current resources were listed that were utilized in writing this book. I recommend this course to anyone working with the psych patient."
  • "Concise! Packed with information, yet very "readable." A great review."
  • "Even though the course was "technically" addressed to inpatient psych units, there was an abundance of information that provided insight and guidance to me as an ICU nurse. As noted in the text, there is so much overlap/shadowing between the mental and physical aspects of care, especially in the medical intensive care where I work. Mental health, substance abuse, detox, and disease crises frequently converge to create very challenging care scenarios." 
  • "Highly recommend for any nurse whether practicing in psychiatry or those caring for patients in med-surg, emergency, long-term care, etc. The text is organized in such a way that relevant information can be accessed easily by anyone across different fields of practice by grouping chapters according to general behaviors. It emphasizes the fact that so many different psychiatric conditions share similar or overlapping symptoms, and this streamlines the information efficiently." 
  • "Easy to understand format, clear and concise. Updated and practical information for the inpatient nurse. I found this to be a thorough review of content for psychiatric nurses like myself with work experience in the inpatient setting. This will be a nice refresher for any nurse desiring it. Due to the nature of a psychiatric patient's needs, this content will be helpful even for nurses not working in the psych setting."

Contributors and Reviewers



Chapter 1. The Patient with Anger

Chapter 2. The Patient with Anxiety

Chapter 3. The Patient with Disorganization

Chapter 4. The Patient with Manic Behavior

Chapter 5. Non-suicidal Self Injury

Chapter 6. The Patient in Pain

Chapter 7. The Patient with Paranoia

Chapter 8. The Patient with Substance Use Disorders

Chapter 9. The Patient at Risk for Suicide

Chapter 10. The Patient Who Is Withdrawn


Chapter 11. Family Interventions

Chapter 12. Medication Administration

Chapter 13. Relaxation Techniques

Chapter 14. Sensory Interventions

Chapter 15. Therapeutic One to One

Chapter 16. Managing Violence

Chapter 17. Management of Barriers to Being Therapeutic

Chapter 18. Medical Considerations for the Psychiatric Patient


This program is pre-approved by the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) to provide continuing education credit to Certified Case Managers (CCMs).

CCRNs: This course is eligible for new synergy model Category B.

Psychiatric nursing practice has changed dramatically to accommodate increasing patient acuity and an evolving healthcare landscape. In addition, the inter-relationship of medical illness and psychiatric symptoms can make treatment and care challenging for nurses regardless of where they practice. Inpatient Psychiatric Nursing: Clinical Strategies, Medical Considerations, and Practical Interventions reflects these factors by focusing on four particularly challenging aspects: keeping the patient safe, stabilizing symptoms, promoting engagement in treatment, and discharge planning. In a systematic, easy-to-access format, it offers evidence-based interventions and concrete strategies that can be used alleviate patient distress and effectively deliver care.

This expanded and updated second edition is organized according to patient behaviors and interventions that nurses can employ to manage those behaviors. Each behavioral-focused chapter follows a consistent format so that readers can easily locate key information at point of care and concludes with a quick-reference table that summarizes goals, patient assessment, maintenance of safety, appropriate interventions, and next steps. The book also addresses a variety of medical conditions that may be complicated by psychiatric illness or have symptoms that may be erroneously attributed to mental illness. This symptomatic approach provides guidance for nurses and other healthcare professionals working with patients with behavioral disturbances—regardless of the cause or the practice setting.

New to This Edition:

  • Expanded coverage of the inter-relationship of medical illness and psychiatric symptoms
  • Expanded coverage on the management of barriers to being therapeutic
  • New chapter on key medical considerations for the psychiatric patient

Key Features:

  • Provides evidence-based interventions designed to modify and manage challenging and disruptive patient behavior in all practice settings
  • Addresses psychiatric issues in medical settings and medical issues in psychiatric settings
  • Features quick-reference tables that summarize goals, patient assessment, maintenance of safety, appropriate interventions, and next steps
  • Demonstrates application to practice with real-life scenarios
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