Fast Facts About LGBTQ+ Care for Nurses: How to Deliver Culturally Competent and Inclusive Care

Author: Tyler Traister, DNP, RN-BC, NE-BC, CNE, OCN, CHPN, CTN-A, NPD-BC
Publisher: Springer Publishing Co.
Date Published: 2022
Pages: 200
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2025

Pilot Nurse Comments

  • "Excellent resource for identifying possible gaps in clinical care in the LGBTQ+ community. A great resource for inclusion and diversity training."
  • "I felt the book was very user-friendly, and information was presented very well."
  • "Easy to read and understand."
  • "The textbook was concise and easily accessible for someone that knows very little about the subject matter."
  • "Timely presentation of information as LGBTQ+ issues are recurring, have more public exposure, and many terms are not clear to persons not actively involved with persons in the LGBTQ+ community. Highly recommend this course for health care professionals who are seeking a better understanding of the terms, history, and barriers to healthcare for LGBTQ+ patients."
  • Easy to read! Very informative and relates to everyday current nursing practice. The book had great information. I will apply the information provided to my practice. It definitely helped me understand myself a little bit better, and now I can improve my delivery when caring for my patients."
  • "I appreciate the many terms and definitions discussed. There is so much to learn. This course is needed to enable nurses to successfully communicate and assess our community of patients. LGBTQ+ people have unique health needs and considerations for care. "
  • Written very well. Straightforward and up to date."
  • "Even though I've always considered myself open and accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals, I still found myself challenging a few biases I didn't realize I held. This book encouraged self-awareness and an increased appreciation for the many nuances in LGBTQ+ issues that I have been previously unaware of, whether it came from willful ignorance or merely just accepting society's tacitly imposed views about the community. There is much work to be done to elevate nursing practice to the level of equity and humanity that our LGBTQ+ patients deserve so that they may feel fully safe and seen in the healthcare space. This book is a great step towards that!"
  • "This course was so, so needed. Kudos to the author for writing this book. Easy to read and to find information. Every organization and facility should have one on hand. This course is very necessary and very needed."

Part I Understanding LGBTQ

Chapter 1. The ABCs of LGBTQ

Chapter 2. Brief History of LGBTQ

Chapter 3. Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Chapter 4. LGBTQ Cultural Competence

Part II: LGBTQ Health

Chapter 5. Health Disparities of LGBTQ People

Chapter 6. Stigma and Discrimination against LGBTQ People

Chapter 7. LGBTQ Substance Use & Substance Use Disorders

Chapter 8. LGBTQ Behavioral Health

Part III: LGBQT Nursing Care and Implications

Chapter 9. Self-Awareness and Bias

Chapter 10. Communication Best Practices

Chapter 11. History and Physical Examination of LGBTQ

Chapter 12. Transgender Health & Care

Chapter 13. Understanding Hormone Therapy

Chapter 14. Care of LGBTQ Youth 

Chapter 15. Care of LGBTQ Older Adults

Part IV: Resources for Nurses and Healthcare Organizations

Chapter 16. Creating Inclusive Environments

Chapter 17. Advocacy, Policy, and Legal Issues for LGBTQ

Chapter 18. Healthcare Equality Index

Chapter 19. Developing and Integrating LGBTQ Content into Nursing Education

Appendix: Professional Organizations and Resources


This program is pre-approved by the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) to provide continuing education credit to Certified Case Managers (CCMs).

This activity is eligible for synergy model Category B for CCRNs.

This activity meets the implicit bias requirement of the state of California.

Fills a crucial need in helping nurses to provide safe, culturally-competent care to LGBTQ+ patients

This pivotal resource―the first written specifically for nurses―focuses on the unique health needs and inequities affecting LGBTQ+ patients and discusses how to provide them with safe, respectful, and holistic care. Written in an easy-access bulleted format with concise paragraphs, this book sets the stage by examining the background and history of the LGBTQ+ population and focusing on the health disparities that set them apart. It addresses the nursing implications and care of LGBTQ+ patients in all practice settings, highlighting transgender medical, surgical, and mental health. To help nurses create inclusive environments, chapters cover best practices and strategies for appropriate communication and define key terms nurses should know when obtaining patient history, performing an assessment, and delivering overall care.

Fast Facts About LGBTQ+ Care delivers resources to help nurses create and sustain changes within their practice and beyond. A multitude of case studies demonstrate the importance of collecting gender identity in the electronic health record and span a variety of scenarios nurses are likely to encounter.

  • Fills a critical need in the nursing literature on providing safe and culturally competent care for LGBTQ+ patients
  • Illuminates communication best practices and terminology to help nurses feel comfortable caring for LGBTQ+ patients
  • Features "Fast Facts" boxes and abundant case studies that highlight essential information
  • Covers developing and integrating LGBTQ+ content into nursing education
  • Includes tips and guides to promote advocacy for the LBGTQ+ population
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