Fast Facts About Substance Use Disorders: What Every Nurse, APRN, and PA Needs to Know

Author: Marshall, EdD, PMHNP-BC
Publisher: Springer Publishing Co.
Date Published: 2018
Pages: 228
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2024

Pilot Study Nurse Comments:


Textbook: This is a great textbook – the test helped to grasp the information and follow the various courses for treatment. Excellent resource book.

Test: The test was great – very straightforward. Very well done.

Anything Else: Excellent course. I think this would be a great benefit for those of us working in the healthcare field, with lots of factual and timely information including the history of substance use.


Anything Else: Both the text and quiz were very informative. This course was challenging at times but I really enjoyed it. This course provided great info. It was very detailed. It made me think as well as provided me with up-to-date information on SUD.


Textbook: Clear, straightforward.

Test: Generally the questions were clear and appropriate.

Anything Else: Given the current increase of legalization of marijuana, I think the text offers information to help patients as well as friends and families information that impacts all people. This course is timely content for all healthcare personnel.


Textbook: The format of the “Fast Facts” texts give providers a great overview of a topic with a way to learn important, focused information. The text is relevant to our world today – very timely, informative, and concise.


Anything Else: Wonderful class. Information presented was concise and valuable.


Anything Else: At times I had difficulty following the flow and needed to reread it several times. It may have been due to the fact that this is an unknown topic for me. This course is very timely and unfamiliar to me. With that said, it was very timely as I have a new hospice client with a 40-year alcohol use disorder. It has helped me a great deal to understand the disorder and working and supporting this client.


Test: Had a good range of questions. Some were basic but important. Others were thought provoking.

Anything Else: Great fast facts reference book. Helpful for the psych and non-psych healthcare provider. Helpful information regarding substance abuse. Good detail regarding neurobiology and treatment modalities and a multitude of applicable links and references. Very informative to an ICU nurse.


Textbook: Best resource book for substance abuse I have ever read.

Test: The test ensured that the content was read.

Anything Else: I wish I had this resource when I worked in ER & Psych. Quick and easy to find what you need. I learned a lot! I think all areas of nursing encounter substance use in patients daily. Great reference for all who care for patients.


Anything Else: I really like this series of books – they seem to be a great reminder and update for the “mature” nurse! I highly recommend this book. It is a great review.


Textbook: Comprehensive.

Anything Else: My experience in psychiatric nursing is almost exclusively in grief counseling with individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families. Much of this information, especially the treatment modalities for specific SUDs was new information for me. However, I was able to follow the test and gain understanding. I think this course is an excellent resource, especially for those who may be novices in the field. It probably serves as a great refresher for those working in the field and a handbook for quick references.


Textbook: Well-written; concise, but thorough. A wide range of substances are covered and identified.

Test: Questions were pertinent to the highlights of the chapters.

Anything Else: Great topic. Another well-written quiz!! Thank you for another quality CE study. This is a great overview of both medical and complementary/alternative therapy for substance use disorder. This book is easy to read, broken down into small chapters making it easy to accomplish for a busy practitioner or nurse.

Fast Facts About Substance Use Disorders: What Every Nurse, APRN, and PA Needs to Know provides evidence-based information and strategies for nurses who work with individuals with substance use disorders (SUDs). Written in a concise, bulleted style for easy access to critical information, the reference addresses often undiagnosed medical and psychiatric conditions which may accompany SUDs and the ethical considerations of working with affected patients and families.

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