Human Trafficking 2021

Author: Wendy Stiver, RN, CCM, BSN, MA
Publisher: Anderson Continuing Education
Date Published: 2021
Pages: 53
Cover Type: Loose-Leaf Spiral Binding
Expiration Date: 12/31/2024

Pilot Study Nurse Comments:

  • "Good course. This continuing education is timely and needed. We currently are seeing increasing numbers of undocumented individuals who may or may not speak English. We need to ensure the safety of all we come into contact with in professional and private capacities."
  • "Explanation of legal terms was helpful. This was a well-written, comprehensive overview of the subject. Congratulations!"
  • "Textbook was excellent. There was so much new information. Very informative. Great list of resources. I would recommend this CEU to my coworkers."
  • "I truly enjoyed the 'easy to understand' textbook. Most chapters are short and keep your interest. I do wish more scenarios were used so that you could put the information into practice ... I really enjoyed being enlightened on this subject. I worked in a child advocate clinic and realized how much I fell short by not asking the right questions."
  • "Very informative. Very up to date (with information on covid) and information including the year 2020."
  • "The course was informative and helpful. The information was not hidden in an attempt to make the student spend more time than needed to absorb the content. I very much enjoyed this course. It met my expectations, was interesting as well as educational."
  • "The textbook was excellent. I liked how chapter 5 went into the different states and explained them. Excellent course, would recommend to my colleagues."
  • "Very 'heart wrenching.'"
  • "Great review. Well organized."
  • "Very informative. An excellent introduction to the topic. Updates and resources mentioned were spot on. This covers the basics but provides resources for further reading to increase knowledge and expanded resource utilization."
  • "An excellent reference and learning tool. I think it could be utilized by both the entry and average knowledge level as long as resources and information are updated when new information, policies, procedures, and stats become available."
  • "The text was phenomenal, very detailed, but arranged in a way to make it easy to read. Appreciate the up to date information. As an RN for over 25 years, I learned many things from this course that I will apply to my practice. The text is very informative and there is so much material that can be used to develop a quiz. I think this quiz does a great job of hitting the highlights of the text and giving real-world reminders of what we can do."

This program is pre-approved by the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) to provide continuing education credit to Certified Case Managers (CCMs).

CCRNs: This course is eligible for new synergy model Category B.

This learning activity is designed to satisfy the 2-hour Florida requirement and the Michigan one-time requirement (but not the new 1-hour HHS Texas requirement) for CE about human trafficking.

The world of human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, reaches to our doorstep, whether that door is in a gritty urban area or sparsely populated rural area. Human trafficking is not just a human rights issue and a criminal justice issue, it is a global public health and nursing issue. As nurses, we have probably seen trafficking victims and survivors seeking treatment during their time of exploitation but might not have recognized the signs and symptoms. Or, we might have looked away— not wanting to get involved. We might not have known what to do even if we did recognize the silent cries for help being told by the person’s body.

Nurses have an important but often unrealized role in the identification and rescue of human trafficking victims. After completing this learning activity, you will be better prepared to recognize the signs of human trafficking, to listen and ask the right questions, and to provide local and federal resources to help an individual find safety.


Chapter 1: Introduction: Why does Human Trafficking Happen in the 21st Century? • What is the Effect of COVID-19 on Human Trafficking?

Chapter 2 Exploration of Modern-Day Slavery: Labor Trafficking • Organ Trafficking is Not Science Fiction • Race and Ethnicity • Trafficking of the Disabled • Militarization as a Global Influence

Chapter 3: Sex Trafficking: Violence Against Women • Feminization of Poverty and Migration • Role of the Internet and Pornography in Trafficking 

Chapter 4: Trafficking of Children and Youth: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children • War Games for Real: Child Soldiers • Trafficking in Sports • Child Labor Trafficking • Abuse, Runaways, and the Foster System

Chapter 5: The Political and Legal Response to Human Trafficking: The Federal Government’s Response to Human Trafficking: Which Agency Does What? • If you live in California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, or Michigan

Chapter 6: The Role of the Nurse in Helping Victims of Human Trafficking: Physical Signs and Symptoms • Behavioral Red Flags • Psychological Health Consequences • This is What I See, Now What Do I Do? • What Screening Tools are Available to Help Identify Possible Victims? • What Do I Do When I Suspect an ED Patient is Being Trafficked? • Call the Forensic Nurse • How Can a Case Manager Help Victims of Human Trafficking? •  What Does a School Nurse Need to Know about Human Trafficking? • Brief Introduction to the Trauma-Informed Approach • Self-Care for the Nurse

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