The 36-Hour Day: Sixth Edition

Author: Nancy L. Mace, MA, and Peter V. Rabins, MD, MPH
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Date Published: 2017
Pages: 373
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2023

- “I really enjoyed reading this book and I would absolutely recommend it to any family dealing with dementia. I felt like the writer was talking to me and making me feel at ease.”

- “I have always been uncomfortable caring for patients with dementia or being with someone who has dementia. I feel this course has taught me how to handle my feelings and emotions about the behavior of people with dementia. I am glad the textbook included a chapter about research in dementia. Families always want answers about what might have caused it and what the science community is doing to understand more about the disease and possible treatment.”

- “Good, down to earth textbook that works for everyone – families, care providers, healthcare workers, and individuals encountering dementia patients.”

This program is pre-approved by the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) to provide continuing education credit to Certified Case Managers (CCMs).

CCRNs: This course is eligible for new synergy model Category B.

The central idea underlying The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss is that much can be done to improve the lives of people with dementia and of those caring for them. 

Whether a person has Alzheimer disease or another form of dementia, he or she will face a host of problems. The 36-Hour Day will help family members and caregivers address these challenges and simultaneously cope with their own emotions and needs.

Featuring useful takeaway messages and informed by recent research into the causes of and the search for therapies to prevent or cure dementia, this edition includes new information on:

  • Devices to make life simpler and safer for people who have dementia
  • Strategies for delaying behavioral and neuropsychiatric symptoms
  • Changes in Medicare and other health care insurance laws
  • Palliative care, hospice care, durable power of attorney, and guardianship
  • Dementia due to traumatic brain injury

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