Legal Boundaries of California Nursing Practice, 10th Edition

Author: Robert D. Anderson, J.D.
Publisher: Anderson Continuing Education
Date Published: 2020
Pages: 354
Cover Type: Loose-Leaf Spiral Binding
Expiration Date: 12/31/2023

Comments from nurses who completed the 9th edition:

1/23/18 – Excellent coverage. Love the case studies! Linda E, CA RN
4/18/18 – Excellent course. Well written. Thank you for the wonderful course. Tamara M, CA RN
4/30/18 – This course was challenging and very informative! I felt that my time was well spent, and I did receive information that will improve my nursing practice! Thank you so much for providing me an excellent course to learn from! Carol S (Lic info unknown)
4/30/18 – I really liked this course. The content was interesting. The structure made it easy and I will use the text as a reference.
6/15/18 – I have been a nurse for 48 years and want to let you know this is one of the best continuing education courses I have ever taken. It was relevant, extremely informative, easy to understand and most of all very important information. Thank you so much for having this course available. Barbara G, CA RN
6/27/18 – I wish I had ordered this book years ago. Very informative and helpful in understanding the rationale why things and policies in the hospital are done. Imelda T, CA RN
7/26/18 – The course was easy to understand (by that I mean clear) and it was full of important content. I learned important information regarding laws pertaining to RN’s and patients, plus other licensed and unlicensed individuals in the medical field. Doris A, CA RN
8/31/18 – The course was excellent! Learned a great deal! (No name)
2/22/19 - “An excellent course. A complicated subject presented in an easy to understand way.” Mary R, CA RN
2/25/19 – “Very well written in a systematic, clear format. Actually for the most part very interesting.” Linda B, CA RN

One of the best courses I have ever taken to renew my license. Thank you. Phyllis VC, CA RN, 12/5/19 – written on answer sheet

Laws, regulations and position statements are up to date as of December 2019.

Legal Boundaries of California Nursing Practice explains in easy-to-understand language:

Functions and procedures LVNs may perform

  • Tasks that nurse’s aides and unlicensed personnel may perform 
  • RN scope of practice, including standardized procedures and updated BRN scope of practice position statements 
  • Scope of practice of nurse practitioners and nurse midwives
  • Nurse-to-patient staffing ratios 
  • License disciplinary actions, including 20 new case summaries of nurses disciplined by the BRN and BVNPT 
  • Malpractice liability, including liability of supervisors, short staffing and floating 
  • The Joint Commission prevention of medical errors requirements.

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