Infections of Leisure, Fifth Edition

Author: edited by David Schlossberg, MD, FACP
Publisher: ASM Press
Date Published: 2016
Pages: 373
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2022

Each section satisfies the Florida one-hour specialty requirements in microbiology and serology/immunology.

For those certified by ASCP, each section provides 11 contact hours in microbiology and one contact hour in serology/immunology.

A day at the beach: delightful, restorative, and potentially dangerous.

Leisure activities, from the mundane to the exotic, expose us to a growing list of pathogenic microbes, some new and many increasingly resistant to current therapies. Common pets, livestock, traveling, and cuisine all have the potential to cause illnesses that may be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Written by a team of infectious disease specialists, Infections of Leisure features 19 chapters focused on the infection risks associated with particular types of activities, including camping, playing sports, interacting with animals, receiving body modifications, and mountain climbing. This new edition includes full-color images, recommended readings chosen by expert authors, and practical tips in each chapter.

This course will help to educate laboratory personnel so they may provide additional assistance to the medical staff.