Complexity Leadership: Nursing's Role in Health-Care Delivery, 2nd Edition

Author: Diana M. Crowell, PhD, RN, NEA-BC
Publisher: F.A. Davis Company
Date Published: 2016
Pages: 223
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2020

This program is pre-approved by the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) to provide continuing education credit to Certified Case Managers (CCMs).

CCRNs: This course is eligible for new synergy model Category C.


Please note: This course is not for everyone. It is for the nurse who has heard about complexity leadership and would like to learn more about it. But it is not a fast read. It requires thought. It will require every minute of the 19.5 contact hours allotted to it.

   As hospitals and health-care organizations strive to meet the standards of the Magnet Hospital Recognition Program and the challenges of the Institute of Medicine’s nursing workforce initiative, today’s leaders must be able to respond in ways that embrace rapid change.

   Complexity Leadership: Nursing’s Role in Health-Care Delivery introduces you to complexity science and the complexity model of contemporary leadership. It focuses on how to lead in complex systems and chaos, how complex systems function, and how to navigate them successfully.

Comments from Pilot Study Nurses:

  • “I think the activities at the end of the chapters were eye opening and some of them made me look at myself and my interactions with staff.”
  • “The textbook is good but definitely not for everyone. I think a desire to learn about complexity leadership is required to read the text.”
  • "I enjoyed the book and was surprised at how it interlinks with my current job."
  • “Great course overall ... Good leadership takes on many different aspects. This focuses a leader into a director to follow!”
  • “I LOVED this! This book challenged and inspired me. It helped me to crystallize some rather nebulous goals in leadership and gave me permission to nurture myself as well. I have been a bedside ICU nurse for 37 years and love it. I have been asked many times why I did not go into management. This book helped me to see how important my role as an informal teacher can be.”

Table of Contents:

Unit One: Complexity Science Concepts and Health-Care Organizations

  • The Complexity Leadership Model
  • Major Concepts of Complexity Science Theory
  • Health-Care Organizations as Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Health-Care Organizational Studies, Theories, and Models Based on Complexity Science

Unit Two: Complexity Leadership Models, Styles, and Behaviors

  • Historical Transition From Classic to Complexity Leadership
  • Contemporary Leadership Models That Reflect Complexity
  • Essential Knowledge for Complexity Leaders
  • Interventions for Complexity Leadership

Unit Three: Personal Being and Awareness

  • Personal Leadership Supporting Professional Leadership
  • Complexity Leadership: Personal and Professional Life Balance
  • Self-Reflective Practices for Personal Being and Awareness
  • The Call for Complexity Leadership

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