The Origins of AIDS

Author: Dr. Jacques Pepin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date Published: 2011
Pages: 237 plus references and index
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Expiration Date: 12/31/2017


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In The Origins of AIDS the author attempts to reconstruct the process that generated the great HIV pandemic. Based on a careful combination of research and his own archival investigations, Dr. Jacques Pepin presents a synthesis of molecular and traditional epidemiology and social history to explain the emergence and spread of HIV.

In this scholarly account of the origin of AIDS, Dr. Pepin draws on his own personal experience of working in central Africa, his extensive knowledge of African history, and his training in infectious diseases, virology and epidemiology.

This book is well written and very readable and is intended for a general audience. It should provide clinical laboratory personnel with a refreshing and fascinating perspective on the topic of AIDS.